March 2022
Congratulations to regional qualifiers. There is no entry required. Qualifiers are advanced through the online entry system based on district results.

Region Schedule and Entry Fees
Please review your Region Handbook closely for schedules, rooms, requirements providing a speech judge or documentation for prose/poetry. Some schedules were recently updated and changed. It is your responsibility to access the most recent schedule. Schedules may list roll call time and others may list contest start time. Arrive early! Region entry fees should be handled through your District Executive Committee. Individual schools should not make payment for fees, other than for One-Act Play.

If you have drops, you must contact the alternate schools through 6th place (2nd place for teams) until you find one able to attend. Provide the information to your district meet director who will verify and contact the region meet director. Please let the district meet director handle all communication about drops to the region meet director. Your district meet director may be willing to assist with contact information for the alternate or contact the alternate for you, but it is your responsibility as the dropping school to assure the spot has been filled. Failure to do so could violate the Academic Contest Ethics Code. Do not leave a seat vacant at region.

Individual Alternates
If you drop a 1st -3rd place individual, the 4th-6th places are the only alternates that are eligible to compete. No substitution form is needed since these students are already on the roster from district results.

Team Substitutes
For teams that qualify, you may substitute an eligible student from your school for one qualifying team member that cannot attend Region. You must submit the Substitute Eligibility Form to the region meet director. A team substitute did not have to participate or be listed on the district entry. Contact UIL if you have questions.

Region Wildcard Qualifiers
Wildcard qualifiers have been posted on the UIL website.

About the Region Meet
Region is a high-stakes contest. It requires everyone to understand that all involved are working for the best interest of what they feel they are there to do. Please give thanks to the site hosts and contest directors, offer your assistance, attend verification, pick up your test materials and awards (it is not the site’s responsibility to mail them to you— with exception of materials for meets concluding before Saturday), ask questions when things don’t seem right, and HAVE FUN!

Study Materials
Clean copies of tests and keys are available for Invitational A, B and District in the UIL Online Store. The link you receive will also access the region materials that will be posted following that contest.

Ready Writing Judge Database
We are building a Ready Writing judge list to be posted online. Ready Writing coaches and those with experience with the event may submit their information on the UIL website. ( This is an opportunity to utilize Ready Writing expertise to contribute to an excellent judge pool for various levels of competition.

UIL Journalism
The Interscholastic League Press Conference Summer Journalism Workshop will be held June 17-19 at the University of Texas at Austin. The in-person workshop will have classes for UIL Contest Prep, photojournalism, advanced writing, yearbook theme development, design and more. For details, please see review the ILPC Summer Workshop packet or email Jeanne Acton at Registration will open soon. 

ILPC Spring Convention
The ILPC Spring Convention will be held May 6-8 at the University of Texas at Austin. We have a great slate of speakers who will offer present sessions on all aspects of journalism. For more information review the Spring Convention packet or email Jeanne Acton at Registration is currently open:

UIL Capital Conference
This summer’s in-person conference offers a wide array of sessions geared for academic coordinators and coaches for grades 2-12 of academic contests, STEM, robotics, speech and theatre. This year’s conference will be held Monday and Tuesday, June 20-21 at the Thompson Conference Center on the campus of UT Austin. Registration details will be posted on the Capital Conference website soon. Online classes will not be offered.

Speech and Debate
Speech coaches whose students will be competing this week in District 2:
Remember the Rules.
It is always wise to sit down with your competitors before district competition arrives and re-read the contest rules. This helps students have the rules fresh in their minds so they do not accidentally violate one that would result in a disqualification. Many speech teams compete on different circuits, all of which have rules that vary. Your responsibility as a coach is to insure your competitors understand the rules particular to UIL.

If you coach Extemporaneous Speaking, review what is and what is not allowed in the prep room. Go over the Electronic Retrieval Devices Guidelines for them. Cell phones are not allowed in the prep room.

If you coach Oral Interpretation, sit down with each performer and examine their documentation. Make sure they have made enough copies of their official documentation forms for not only the Contest Director but all the judges they might have in prelims as well as in finals. Note: Finals are typically judges by a panel of adjudicators. Time their performances AGAIN! Discuss strategies of staying within the time limit prescribed by UIL rules – 7 minutes – should their performance run more slowly than what has been timed in rehearsal.

If you coach Lincoln Douglas Debate, check that source citations are complete according to UIL requirements. Explain the rule concerning the availability of evidence in a round.

Regional Meet Information.
District 1 competitors that have already advanced to the Regional Meet should review the rules again too. Just because documentation passed at District does not mean it will pass at Region, if it was not checked correctly the first time. All coaches should go to the Region webpage of the UIL website immediately following district competition and locate information about time schedules, judging requirements, deadlines to provide prose and poetry documentation.

Districts and Bi-Districts Completed!
Congratulations to all the schools who participated in this year’s OAP contest (over 1,200!). We are rapidly moving to Area and Regional contest and before you know it, we will be at the 2022 OAP State Meet! To see which schools advanced, visit our One Act Play Results page

If you are looking to attend a contest, visit our AREA Page and REGION pages for dates and sites. As soon as details are finalized we will post the State information on our State page including schedule, tickets, and Honor Crew information.

OAP Directors- do not forget to submit your contest evaluations. Feedback is very important as we continue our official study on OAP Critiques. Evaluation Form.

Theatrical Design
Congratulations to all the Theatrical Design State Finalists!
The list of the State Finalists for Theatrical Design can be found on the Theatrical Design pageState meet will be held on May 3-4. Details on state meet to come.