March 2021
An Unusual Contest Year
Thank you to the coaches, coordinators and administrators who have stepped forward to pave a way for all areas of academic competition to be possible. We are attempting a multitude of competition formats to reduce density at sites and travel requirements. This flexibility requires everyone to understand that all involved are working in the best interest of what we are all here to do - provide opportunities to students. Please be generous with your thanks and offer your assistance to the multitude of people an academic or one-act play meet requires to be successful. Please ask questions and carefully read all information you receive during this contest season. Things are not the same as they have been in the past.

Risk Mitigation Guidelines
UIL has posted modifications to the UIL COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Guidelines. All participants shall follow the most recent Risk Mitigation Guidelines and additional safety protocols required by the host site. Information regarding academic activities can be found on the 2020-21 Academic Updates webpage.

District Academic Entry
Submit district meet entries via the UIL Online Entry System at least 10 days prior to the event. Be aware that districts may set an earlier date. Failure to submit entries by the deadline may result in denial of the late entries. Contact the academic meet director for specifics. The deadline may fall during your spring break, so plan ahead.

Academic coordinators entering their school’s contestants need a UT EID but do not need to be authorized by our office. Each event’s entry can be saved at the bottom of each page. It is not required that you complete the entry in one setting. Do not finalize and lock the entry until is it complete. Review your entries and print a copy of your final checkout to check closely that a name or a team has not been omitted. Email us if you get locked out of the system before the deadline to request that your entry be unlocked.

ALL entries must be certified and locked by the district entry deadline to avoid late entry.

Meet Entry Procedures are located on pages 40-41 of the High School Academic Coordinator’s Manual and information about Late Entries is listed on page 42.

Withdrawing From Competition 
If a team or individual is unable to compete at the regional or state level, it is the responsibility of the school dropping a team or individual to notify the District Academic Meet Director. School districts shall notify the academic district or state meet director no later than the end of the second school day following academic district or regional competition if a student or a team knows that they will not compete at the next higher academic meet. The alternate’s school should be notified in writing as soon as possible prior to the contest. Failure to do so could violate the Academic Contest Ethics Code.

Region Academic and OAP Information
Region Handbooks and Schedules can be found on the UIL website. This site is updated as we receive information. Please review closely since many regions are being handled in unique ways this year. There is no contestant registration for the Region Meet. Qualifiers are advanced through the online entry system based on district results.

The UIL Robotics FIRST Division State Championships are tentatively scheduled for June 15-17, 2021. Specifics on location, event format, and other details will be posted on the UIL Robotics page as they become available.

ILPC Summer Workshop
The ILPC/TAJE Summer Workshop will be June 16-18. The workshop will be virtual, and classes will include a UIL Journalism Prep Class, yearbook theme class, digital reporting, photojournalism and more. We would love for you to join us this year. Registration will open March 29. For more information, email Jeanne Acton.

CX Debate
State Meet Important Reminders:

  • Review the State-Qualifying Procedures document to be certain you have submitted all the required forms. Deadlines are noted in the document.
  • Follow the instructions provided in the “Navigating Tabroom” and NSDA Campus documents (info you need to go over with your school’s IT staff). Final deadline for registering in Tabroom is Monday, March 8.
  • Judging Paradigms will be posted soon on the UIL state tournament webpage.

Extemporaneous Speaking
Invitational B topics will be posted at the end of the invitational meet window in March. These are valuable in practicing for district.

Prose & Poetry Interpretation
District Meet Officials will want to review the Prose/Poetry Contest Director Memo included in the district meet materials since this is the first season for implementation of the categories. If your district is virtual, be sure all schools are aware of the documentation check process that will be followed and deadlines your district has set.

LD Debate
  • New rule that goes into effect this spring: If districts have less than 8 debaters competing, any school with a full entry (3) is allowed to enter a 4th debater.
  • Temporary rule waiver due to COVID-19 allows any CX debater who did not qualify for CX State to enter LD Debate this season.

The longest season ever for Congress has ended and in spite of a pandemic and a catastrophic snowstorm, we have crowned 6 conference champions! Congrats to all the schools that participated this season!

Spring Planning Guide
The updated (3/4/21) OAP Spring Planning Guide and Frequently Asked Questions Documents may be found on our Resources and Forms Page.

One-Act Play 
Contests are in full swing! Please review the time warnings found in the Handbook for One-Act Play and rehearse with your students.

Don't Forget Your Paperwork
Contact your Contest Manager if you are unsure when your forms/scripts are due. For a list of documents required at contest, see the OAP Handbook. All forms can be found on the Resources and Forms page on the Theatre website.

If you need to change or add members to your company after the ten-day deadline there are two basic scenarios:

  1. Submit the Substitute Eligibility form found on the UIL’s Theatre web page.
  2. Or, submit a letter certifying eligibility that is signed by the school’s administrator may be used in place of the certificate.

After Contest Reminders
If you advance to Bi-District, complete the Bi-District Contestant Entry form.  District and Bi-District Certification deadline is April 3.

Directors should complete the Play Director’s Contest Evaluation Form after each contest. 

Reminder that this year there is no AREA level of competition. Two schools will advance from Bi-District competition. 

UIL Theatrical Design Contest
Over 400 entries are currently being adjudicated and results will be posted in mid-March. Questions? Contact Rachael Gomez, contest director. 

The UIL Young Filmmakers Festival
The UIL Young Filmmakers State Virtual Awards Slideshow will be held on March 12. The slideshow with results and award-winning films will be posted on the UIL Film webpage.