October 2020
Academic Competitions Fall Update Regarding COVID-19

At this time, UIL academic activities are planned to take place as scheduled. Options are being explored should in-person competitions not be possible. 

Rule waivers are posted on the Academics Fall Update webpage for Congress, fall middle school One-Act Play competitions and guidance for planning A+ fall meets.

For fall and spring planning purposes, please refer to the Covid-19 Academics Information on the website relating to risk mitigation guidelines for information that applies to all UIL activities. 

Student Activities Conference (Virtual Edition)

The 2020 UIL Student Activities Conference continues on the UIL website.

The third list of prerecorded asynchronous sessions will be released Thursday. The videos are accessible via the link in the conference schedules.

Additionally, coaches may register to attend synchronous question and answer sessions with UIL staff, state contest directors and officials throughout October and November. Registration is required. (There is no cost to register.) See the Live Sessions Schedule for details. High School Academic Coordinators and Journalism sessions are today and Wednesday.

Theatre News

UIL Young Filmmakers Film Contest Intent to Participate Form is now live!

If you wish to produce the same play from the 2020 contest year, please see the Extension Play Approval Form for 2020-2021. This applies to plays that are not on the approved list of long/short plays. 

See the Bi-District Meet Information page to find your contest information. We are still missing numerous Bi-District Representatives and Bi-District Meet information. Please help us complete the information if yours is missing.

If your school missed the Enrollment Deadline for high school OAP, contact theatre@uiltexas.org immediately about enrolling. There is no official enrollment for A+/middle school/junior high one-act play contests.

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • November 1- Deadline to schedule zone and district high school OAP Planning Meetings.
  • December 14- Deadline for requesting permission to produce plays not on the approved lists and scenic elements that are not permissible under contest rules.

Speech, Debate and Congress News

Upcoming Deadlines:

Robotics News

Robotics competitions for both BEST Division and FIRST Division are planned to take place in 2020-2021, with modifications to season schedules and event formats. See the UIL Robotics webpage for additional information and links.

A+ News

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • November 20 – Deadline to register your campus for A+ Academics.
  • November 20 – Deadlines for district meet directors to register their A+ Spring District Meet and request meet materials.