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March 2019
District Academic Entry
Submit district meet entries via the UIL Online Entry System at least 10 days prior to the event. Be aware that districts may set an earlier date. Failure to submit entries by the deadline may result in denial of the late entries. Contact the academic meet director for specifics. The deadline may fall during your spring break, so plan ahead.
Academic coordinators entering their school’s contestants need a UT EID but do not need to be authorized by our office. Each event’s entry can be saved at the bottom of each page. It is not required that you complete the entry in one setting. Do not finalize and lock the entry until is it complete. Review your entries and print a copy of your final checkout to check closely that a name or a team has not been omitted. Email us if you get locked out of the system before the deadline to request that your entry be unlocked.  

ALL entries must be certified and locked by the district entry deadline to avoid late entry.
Meet Entry Procedures are located on page 40 of the High School Academic Coordinator’s Manual.

Late Entries
See page 40 of the High School Academic Coordinator’s Manual concerning late entries.

Withdrawing from Competition 
If a team or individual is unable to compete at the regional level, it is the responsibility of the school dropping a team or individual to notify the District Academic Meet Director. School districts shall notify the academic district or state meet director no later than the end of the second school day following academic district or regional competition if a student or a team knows that they will not compete at the next higher academic meet. The alternate’s school should be notified in writing as soon as possible prior to the contest. Failure to do so could violate the Academic Contest Ethics Code.

Region Wildcard Qualifiers
We will post wildcard qualifiers no later than noon, Wednesday, April 3. Qualifiers will be posted on the Wild Card Teams webpage. No other notification will be sent.

Region Information
Region Handbooks and Schedules can be found on the Regional Spring Meets webpage. There is no contestant registration for the Region Meet. Qualifiers are advanced through the online entry system based on district results. 

Speech Entries for District
Unique to speaking events is that they require sectioning, seeding and, in debate, pairing. Last-minute changes and/or dropping entries create a significant burden to contest directors and make it challenging to keep the district meet running on schedule. (Remember: some of these students will also be entered in academic testing events so staying on time is critical!) Please show consideration and integrity as coordinators and coaches by not dropping contestants on the day of the meet. If changes are unavoidable after your school’s contestants are entered into the Spring Meet Online system, contact officials with notification and proper substitution paperwork in writing as far in advance as possible.
Prose & Poetry
An important part of preparing for the high school Prose and Poetry competitions is securing appropriate documentation. To assist coaches and students with documentation, review the Helpful Checklists that are provided in the UIL Prose & Poetry Handbook on pages 51-52.

As part of the documentation requirements, all contestants must prepare and print hard copies of the Documentation online forms for competition at the district, region and state levels. The forms are located on the Oral Interpretation webpage.

Contestants should make sufficient copies of their documentation forms so that the Contest Director and all judging panels have a copy. (Panels often include 3 judges for prelims and 3 for finals.)

CX Debate
Changes in judges, name spellings, or debaters for the State Meet should have already been reported. Do not wait until registration to do so, email Jana Riggins, Debate Director.

Extemporaneous Speaking
Invitational B Practice Meet speaking topics will be posted on the Extemporaneous Speaking webpage at the close of the “B” tournament window in March.

Lincoln Douglas Debate
Contest rules prohibit cross-entering in CX and LD Debate. This is true of Informative Speaking and Persuasive Speaking, as well as Prose and Poetry. If your debater advances to State in LD, your school is required to provide a judge for the state tournament. A coach may serve as the judge. If you choose to hire an individual to fulfill your judging obligation, they must be experienced in judging Lincoln Douglas Debate and should have judged multiple rounds on the current UIL spring topic. They should not be first-year-out high school graduates.

One Act Play
Required Paperwork
For a list of documents required to be presented at contest, see page 34 in the Handbook for One-Act Play. All forms can be found on the Resources and Forms page on the UIL Theatre Website. 

If you need to change or substitute members to your company after the ten-day deadline there are two basic scenarios: 
  1. The Substitute Eligibility form may be downloaded from the UIL’s Theatre web page or, 
  2. A letter certifying eligibility that is signed by the school’s administrator may be used in place of the certificate. 

Time Warnings
Please review the new time warnings found in the Handbook and rehearse with your students. 

After the Contest
Directors should complete the Play Director’s Contest Evaluation Form after each contest. If you advance to Bi- District, Complete the Bi-District Contestant Entry Form.

Theatrical Design News
Over 700 entries are currently being adjudicated and results will be posted in mid- March. State finalists will be exhibited and adjudicated April 23-25 with the State Theatrical Design Awards presented April 26 at the Round Rock ISD Performing Arts Center. Check back at the UIL Theatrical Design webpage for more information.
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